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USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity

User ID: 1029093
07/08/2010 12:56 PM
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USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity

USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity

Eric Blair Activist Post

Several recent headlines indicate that food prices will continue their swift climb upward. These troubling new reports show that agriculture production and stored grains are critically low and experts are now predicting food shortages on a grand scale.

Look at a few mainstream headlines: Drought threatens global rice supply in the India Times; VA farmers say heat taking toll on crops, Associated Press; Severe food shortage follows lack of rainfall in Syria; and, finally, Corn prices bolt as USDA downsizes crop estimates, which states that, "Commodity professionals were caught off guard Wednesday by a U.S. Department of Agriculture report showing 1 million fewer acres of corn planted this year than earlier projected, and almost 300 million fewer bushels of corn in storage." And these articles don't begin to address crops being damaged by the toxic rain from the Gulf oil disaster.

We are back to recession economics and rapidly heading toward a deeper, longer “Third Depression.” With all recent economic indicators setting new record lows and deficits at record highs, this ship is only going one way folks, down, down to Chinatown. This WTC-Building 7-style-controlled-demolition of the U.S. economy has long been engineered by the borderless banksters and has been set in the same way to collapse at a free-fall rate. With all of the manufactured confusion it may be difficult to know where best to invest your limited assets, but it seems to be clear that Food is on the march.

There were several trend forecasters and financial firms predicting upwards of $200/barrel of oil before the Gulf oil gusher. The “analysts” said this would occur because of the perception of scarcity and a weakening dollar. The oil disaster and the subsequent outrage at Big Oil will surely take care of selling the perception of scarcity, while the Federal Reserve and Congress will surely take care of weakening the dollar.

We’ve seen this Beta test before when oil prices reached their peak of $147 in 2008 sending the price of food to the stratosphere. Food staples like rice nearly tripled in six months and at times increased 50% in just two weeks, primarily because of record oil prices and a weak dollar in 2008. During this run-up on prices, big box stores like Sam's Club and Costco were rationing the number of bags of rice customers could buy. You can bet that Food Crisis Beta 2.010 will be far more severe.

This third factor of actual Food Scarcity, coupled with high oil prices and a feeble dollar, will multiply the severity of increasing food prices. Whether this scarcity is being engineered to further cull the population or is a genuine imbalance in supply and demand is not important. The fact is that this reality is playing out in the matrix. Being aware of this triple-threat to food costs creates an opportunity to soften the recessionary blow, and perhaps offer some economic freedom from those who would like to reduce us all to serfdom.

You don’t have to be an End Times survivalist to believe that storing food is pragmatic. Everyone with expendable cash can and should design a good food storage and rotation system and buy bulk food as an investment -- in addition to creating self-sufficiency. Many rationalists are touting guns, ammo, and gold as good small-scale investments given the despicable agenda unfolding in our matrix. Certainly those are critical investments in an economy dwindling down to the rationing of necessity, but not everyone is into guns or can afford bundles of gold. And gold, at the end of the day, can only be traded for necessity.

These recent food alerts seem to indicate that food may be the best short-term investment for the “Average Joe.” It's simple: if the retail cost of rice doubles, as it did in 2008, then you (the investor) make 100% return in something that's immediately tangible and usable. It’s time to pay the tax penalty for cashing out your mediocre "I-bought-in-to-the-American-Dream" 401K and invest in Food!

[link to www.activistpost.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1016327
United States
07/08/2010 01:08 PM
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Re: USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity
A user from India posts a reference article on a site that's full of stupid?
Political Pyro

User ID: 1023480
United States
07/08/2010 01:28 PM
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Re: USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity
Marion Valentine Called this back in Dec. 2008

A Three-Legged Table... Link Below

Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who defected in 1970, said in an interview 24 years ago that it only takes a few weeks to create a crisis severe enough that people will be willing to give up some of their freedoms to combat the crisis.

It only took the Democrats and their cronies 16 weeks to create the economic melt down crisis, but let’s go back and look at the recent crises we have faced, and think about the freedoms each one has cost us.

Terrorist Attacks; War on Terror; Global Warming Crisis; Energy Crisis; Economic Crisis; We have all willingly given up some of our freedom to combat these crises.

Our National Security and Economic Security is laid out on a table with three legs — and like the old folding card tables, a catch can be released to collapse one or all of the legs by those who are hell bent on becoming the “Elite Ruling Class” of a Socialist One World Government.

The next crisis we will face is a world-wide food shortage. I’m not a fortune teller, but can see this in Obama’s stated “Tax Policies” and “Agriculture Policies”: Look at some of the restrictions in New York and a few other states which already prevents OWNERS of the land from having animals or growing food crops. Obama’s team is talking about a carbon emissions tax on every animal that naturally eats and farts.

I guess it will soon mean if you go into the woods and kill wild game, you will be charged the greenhouse gas tax before you can consume the animal.

Wake up and piss people, the world’s on fire, and only “We The People” not “They the Politicians” can put it out.

(PS — Yeah, Terry, in case you missed it, at the end of the blog I did mean Piss on the politicians.)


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[link to contributors.blogsome.com]

Last Edited by Political Pyro on 07/08/2010 01:30 PM
Political Pyro

User ID: 1029409
07/08/2010 01:35 PM
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Re: USDA Reports Food Shortages: Wall Street 'Caught Off Guard' by Severity
Friday, July 2, 2010

*****2010 Food Crisis Begins*****
by Eric deCarbonnel

Kory Melby reports about the soybean premiums paid above Chicago price.

(emphasis mine) [my comment]

Soybean premiums paid above Chicago price at port
28 Jun 2010

• Soy 1 Soybeans are being bid at USD 1.05 above Chicago for September delivery to port.
• Soy 2 Soybeans are being bid at 68 cents above Chicago for spot bids.

These port bids are keeping soybeans firm. The possibility exists that premiums are so strong that it might flip export business back to USA and ARG.

I am very surprised by this basis strength. They say Brazil's soybean crop is 69 MMT? ARG is 55 MMT? Really?

Where are the soybeans?

Source: [link to www.marketskeptics.com]