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Message Subject CRAP!: Wayne Madsen Vid Interview Evacuations 7/7/10
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
please bump this

Grand Banks, Newfoundland will be trashed. That is the major fishing industry for the North Atlantic and Europe.

evacuations, yes!

mandatory, yes!

FEMA angry cause they are being kept out of the loop. They are whistleblowing (wow). Everything being handled by military. Pets and people getting chemical pneumonia and very sick. Total media blackout.

Pretext for carbon tax and cap & trade [Enron]. Wackenhut and off-duty state troopers hired privately by BP for security. Enough Oil in there that would have it would have gotten us through 8 months as a nation OR a war with Iran. BP "allowed" by the administration to continue to drill even with all the KNOWN problems.

People are getting a black screen on their t.v. when they try to watch the local t.v. news casts, because the local CBS and ABC affiliates are actually doing great and scathing reporting. Reporters and photographers being arrested up to 10 miles inland.

Thad Allen -- it was rumored that he had a job lined up with BP after he retired. Queen of England has large investments in BP. BP has started trying to get investment money from Gaddafi in Libya and other not so nice countries. BP buying judges. Judges with ties to oil industry. Federal judge in Alabama, Mark Fuller is part owner of the company that has the ROVs we have been watching.

They are trying to fix it or clean it up, and they won't let the states do it either.

Need to listen to this interview with Wayne, ya'll.
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