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“Study Paints Grim New Madrid Quake Scenario”

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United States
07/12/2010 01:24 PM
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“Study Paints Grim New Madrid Quake Scenario”
A University of Illinois study commissioned by FEMA and just released publicly says the New Madrid seismic zone is capable of producing a massive earthquake that could devastate parts of the central United States — and notes the lack of preparedness for such an event.
According to a Chicago Tribune article on the study:

“I think everybody knows, as we saw things unfolding (in the study), that there are significant gaps in the preparedness for this type of earthquake,” the study’s lead author, University of Illinois professor Amr Elnashai said Friday. “FEMA will have a very clear idea of what is missing, and hopefully they will have some type to fill some gaps.”

FEMA is working toward holding a national-level disaster drill next year that simulates a big New Madrid quake. ”This comprehensive study has not only assisted in our planning and preparedness efforts, but should serve as a reminder to the public that disaster can strike at any time, and we all need to be prepared,” FEMA spokesman Bradley Carroll said in a statement.

The study was completed late last year but was just recently released. It focuses on Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee, where the New Madrid seismic zone lies deep underground, as well as Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana and Alabama.

[link to incaseofemergencyblog.com]
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United States
07/12/2010 01:34 PM

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Re: “Study Paints Grim New Madrid Quake Scenario”
When it went last time, the people affected were not dependent on goods and services coming from far away. Population centers were not nearly the size they are today, and the buildings also were nothing of the size common to even small cities today.

When it lets lose again huge numbers of people will die either from structureal collapse or supply chain disruption.
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