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Message Subject The 12 tribes of israel and the zodiac, ancient geometry and Swastikas, and how to build a Holy of Holies matrix
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
*title should be 13 tribes of israel, (not 12)

Isn't 23 missing?

23? please explain......

I spose it depends on the system being numbered, 13 is just part of one cycle, 23 possibly an other?.

Don't forget the 11 house system where Libra was chopped into Scorpio to "rationalise" astrology.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 742532

interesting thanks....

Year its interesting there is actully 36 houses all togeather

The main 12 are the signs the sun travels through each year

The moon haveing a different corse must travel through 13 houses per mounth or somthing(maybe)

Maybe the 23 cycle, is the cycle of an other celestrial object? different callender, but like the mayan muilty cycle calandor, each cycle worked within each other.

So i spose, the key to time is finding the base callandor/cycle and working from that, i think it possible, just by working out the correlations betweent the current information callendars and cycles we all ready have.........
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