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Message Subject Hollywood-like Fake Smoke Made 9/11
Poster Handle DogFishHead
Post Content
OP do you even question the sources you use? What I mean is do you objectively investigate the claims of these sites you quote at all, more less at least as much as you question the the 911 commissionīs findings?

You, like any ideologue on either side of this issue, are blinded by your predisposed opinion. I wouldnīt trust YOU or most of the Internet sites you quote (Rense, for Godīs sake??)for an objective review of the facts any more than you trust the 911 commission.

Yea, sure we can have an objective investigation. But if it is run by YOU why bother? Are YOU any more objective than the worst redneck jingoist? I think not LOL!

Nor would I care to have knee-jerk ideologues like you running my barber shop after īthe revolutionī, more less my nation.

So, you keep taking the writings of people whom you have no idea if they even know what they are talking about as the gospel truth, continue to be a blind ideological sheep, and let the truly objective people separate the wheat from the chaff concerning the 911 commission.
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