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Message Subject ILLUMINATI SATANIC GAY AGENDA: Do you know which countries support it???
Poster Handle Nikki_LaVey
Post Content
Animals may engage in homosexual or baby raping , but I like to think of myself as having evolved past being a mere animal.

I tell you something else, a man that will fuck another man up the ass will fuck a boy up the ass too.

Nuff said

We do not share your fantasies,thats for sure..

Get some help and advice,thanks..

Take care,


If you will fuck another man up the ass and suck his shit stained dick, you will fuck anything that moves more than likely, and it's just common sense to keep those without moral boundaries away from children,. I don't care if you marry each other, I don't care what you do but the God deprived you of the ability to have children within your depraved lifestyle choices for a reason. Don't inflict what you are on innocent children.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1186522

Yet another Homophobic bigot obsessed with anal sex!

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