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Message Subject ILLUMINATI SATANIC GAY AGENDA: Do you know which countries support it???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More NARTH chuckle
 Quoting: Nikki_LaVey

Don't make me believe I have to "understand" when everytime I look at a gay or lesbo, all I see is a corrupted etheric web, angry bitchy personality, weirdo-rama drag queens, and freaks and abominations, and DEAD HEARTS that shrink a little more...

a little more...

a little more...

every day.

Until you become fat parodies of the divine bodies you were born with and with which you have completely corrupted beyond any use to anyone, especially yourselves.

You guys get disembodied Nephillim or demons, who just empower every dark desire you have, until you are sticking bottles and gerbals up your asses, the darkest of the Sumerian BLACK MAGIC.

Go ahead. Be tolerant of that.

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