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Message Subject ILLUMINATI SATANIC GAY AGENDA: Do you know which countries support it???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Homosexuals are all heterophobic.

If you were not, you would be content to have your private
lives, in private. Instead you flaunt and flame and
insist you be the center of attention.

You want to marry, obviously an institution for the creation of children, which you can't (or won't) have.

You want to serve openly in the military, truly stunning
as friendly fire would take you all out in six months.

You want the right to teach other people's children that your sexual preference is normal, to what end? With what agenda?

You want positions of power, to protect yourselves, in your deviance, and never mind the 99% of humanity who do not
share your sexual preference, which shows extreme prejudice and hostility toward the majority.

You want everyone to believe that because of the Sermon on the Mount by Christ, that there is nothing wrong with what you do, despite all evidence to the contrary medically,
naturally, biologically and historically.

Why the all powerful push to accept your behavior as normal,
when it does not and cannot produce children?

Where is mankind without children?
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