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Message Subject ILLUMINATI SATANIC GAY AGENDA: Do you know which countries support it???
Poster Handle Xeper
Post Content
Oh I see, you didnt like the replies so you deleted your thread and started again, yes thats a wonderful way of furthering your agenda that is,

why cant 2 people marry? irrespective of gender.. the smart people make sure its NOT a religious thing so whats your problem judging everyone to be satanic simply because they love another and want equil rights,

I would say your not following the message of your god, but indeed you and those like you are indeed following this said satanic agenda, simply because all you are doing is spreading hate, violence.. while you have it in your mind your infact doing gods will or doing it for a good reason

The one who is blinded is you

and yes, you ARE the one who starts every reply with HEY BEASTS, as I said in your other thread

You dont have a very nice record do you?
First you judge people
now you judge entire countries
not satisfied with that,
you must spread more hatred fear and violence
under your religious doctrine

All you know is hate
All you speak of is hate

In some twisted fucked up way in your mind of insanity in sure it makes sense

To me, and likely the rest of humanity
Your a violent paranoid nut fixated on religion

Now why is it that so many people will mental illness fixate on religion?

Is it that the dark attracts the dark?

Think about that one
 Quoting: 500g_NET

1 - I didn't remove ANY comment, 'cause I'm a free member, so I can't.
2 - 'cause YOU ARE A GAY OR SUPPORTER, the "hate" argument just sounds stupid and useless, and makes you look like a complete ignorant in metaphysical subjects. Ain't talking about "religious doctrine". I'm talking about occult spiritual anatomy.
3 - No matter how you gay people try, you CAN NOT fool people that are aware of occult wisdom.
4 - YES, you gay people are PEDOPHILES.
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

Fist of All I am Bisexual have had my Kundaline Awakening before that I have awaken all my chakras, I practise elemental magic sufficiently have had a Xeper. You seem to be the ignored fool here and just to say I am a Spiritual Satanist, &You are a pathetic shit ! Enjoy Your Delusions ! & Hail Father Satan !!!
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