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Message Subject Does the Illuminati want to destroy the human race for "GOOD REASONS"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've experience a really horrible life since the day I was born. When I found out the truth about why my life was so horrible and how and why all the damage done to everything in my life was caused by and what types of instruments they used, I became convinced of the fact that humans cannot be redeemed and must literally be all destroyed. Under no circumstances should anyone be spared. What kind of humans, wake up in the morning, thinking about who they are going to mess with for no reason, using EMF technology in conjuction and with the governments approval since they are using government satellites to do what they do. What kind of humans, if they can call themselves that, literally torture poor little kids, experiment on them, kill them, ruin their lives from birth, all for fun and entertainment? What kind of people sell the rights to harass someone else via remote-electro-magnetic torture, again using US government equipment, satellites, radio towers, cellular phone networks to do such things? And if this is going on in most "civilized" countries on Earth, I firmly stand by the fact that the human race needs to be made extinct, sparing no one whatsoever. I even volunteer to personally annihilate and kill every human on Earth, and then check out myself once every human is gone, just to ensure that not one human being will remain on Earth or do what they have done ever again. The human race is really evil. It is an evil that is present in every religion, from Christianity, to Islam, to Judaism, to Buddhism, to Hinduism, to Satanism to everything else in between and is present in every GOD damn nation on Earth. I don't even think that children or women should be spared at all. Because those children grow to become sadistic monsters, just like the humans doing this to each other. Women give birth to these monsters in training, learning from evil adult humans. I stand by the fact that human race needs to be made extinct as soon as possible. I talk shit about German Aryans all day, but I know they think just like me and have made preparations to literally extinct the human race. I say, what the hell are you people waiting for? Destroy the entire human race, and let the world continue. New life forms will re-inhabit the world and it will continue on in peace. Without homo-sapiens.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9422349

Agreed. I am on a gang stalking list. The people that have attacked me were NOT good people themselves. The irony is in doing what they do they think they are stronger and better and continue to breed because of this.
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