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Message Subject Does the Illuminati want to destroy the human race for "GOOD REASONS"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why not. I look at the asleep people around me in the slums and on wellfare. The lower and upper middle class watching their Idol and BB... do they deserve to live?

Im sure the Illuminati would look at me the same way... hmm?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 786793

The philosophy presented by the "The League of Shadows" was not what you're saying at all. They were saying the common man was a victim of a corrupt system and that the common man deserved better.

Therefore, the system had to be destroyed when the corruption was too great. "The League of Shadows" was trying to give the common man a chance and the common man has no chance when the system becomes too corrupt. Read the dialogue again and I think you'll see the true meaning.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1039049

Well, but the Illuminati are the top down faction so if they were to get rid of a corrupt system, they'd replace it with something more centralized. But the more the centralization, the less leverage for your common man, and the more unchecked the inevitable dark side of human nature will be for those at the top. You also have to factor in the Illusionati's role in making the system corrupt in the first place.

I hear some of these elites blaming everyone else for all that's wrong and lamenting how things are, while never admitting that a large part of why things are how they are is that we were all bombarded with propaganda since birth that was self serving for the elite. Then the elite get to sit there and decry our ignorance.... while having being instrumental in creating that ignorance in the first place. I guess they think they're like the god in religion.... all thanks and praise to them but all blame to the rest of us. I don't buy it.

Centralize in spirit so that we all see each other as humans, but decentralize in structure enough to keep human nature in check. It's just how it has to be. And if people do want a world govt. (probably inevitable in some form), I'd suggest one like our fed govt. in the Constitution, with specific delegated powers, with everything else reserved to the countries. Oh, but I'd make sure to never include a commerce clause, because it's obviously been used as a loophole for central control.

The Illuminati's reasons for destroying the human race would be cause they advocate a top down system whereby their control and dominance cannot be challenged. So, why not get rid of competition to the throne? And when you've made it up to the very top, most of the people in the world become an inconvenience anyway. Poverty, despair, etc....to actually cure it would possibly require policies challenging their hegemony. Better just to get rid of the problem by getting rid of the people themselves. That's my guess as to their actual thinking, though surely they will say otherwise and possibly rationalize purely just motives for their actions. Plenty of yin/yang... but these people bring justice through eradication? I wouldn't buy into that.
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