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Message Subject Does the Illuminati want to destroy the human race for "GOOD REASONS"?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I agree 100% with the Illuminati and the alien agenda. The human race needs to be destroyed as they are truly unworthy of the Earth, and unworthy of the protection that was once provided by Satan. Humans cross the line, constantly. They crossed GOD's line, so he dumped them. Then Satan helped them become what they are. Then they crossed Satan's line. And he is the ultimate ruler of the Earth and of all lifeforms on it. Satan and the outer-worldly lifeforms residing on Earth had a long and prosperous history together. A relationship unlike the ones with ungrateful humans who take, take, take, but never give back. So I support 100% the liquidation of the human race. I'm really unsure if even 500,000,000 humans are necessary as a working class. Since machines now do everything, better than humans. perhaps 100,000,000 is enough. Only the humans that swear allegiance to Satan, and establish their loyalty to him through their deeds and actions and by being good to him and giving him what he wants and has provided for so long to humans will remain. Satan has truly had enough of the human race. SKYNET is in play, HAARP is in play. The Illuminati have built munitions to destroy humans a million times over, so that the Earth can be cleansed and rebuilt afterwars. The Illuminati have rigged this world for destruction, which is rightly so as humans are the Earth's worst enemies to every lifeform that lives here and calls Satan's Earth home. It is actually Satan's home. Aliens are welcome and always welcome. Personally, I want every military in the world and every intelligence service and law enforcement apparatus destroyed. All of their personnel destroyed. I want 6.5 billion or more humans removed from the Earth. It is GOD who determined that Satan should no longer play in the shadows and should materialize in human form to destroy the human race. The Illuminati know this fully well, which is why the Illuminati and Satan are peas of a pod. The alien races that used to inhabit this Earth are ready to return and replace the human race as the dominant lifeform in it. With Satan's direct support and approval. Humans are unworthy and deserve to be removed from the Earth. Screw humans and their trash that has polluted this Earth for so long.
 Quoting: Michael Stone 9422349

You're a human though right? And you haven't taken your own life yet.... so why is that if you feel this way?

Humans have done bad things but on the macro scale things have overall gotten better for most. The danger now though is that technology is becoming so powerful that it wouldn't take too many people wanting to do serious harm, for it to actually happen. But there have always been dangers with each new technological leap. The danger is in the centralization of everything and what it means in loss of leverage for anyone other than the very top. No one would have to fear eugenics if there wasn't some ultra centtalized control group. Because if one govt. tried to implement it, you could flee somewhere else. But the illusionati don't want people to be able to flee anywhere. But, they're actually doomed to failure over time, cause chaos is built into the universe. Most simply, it's written in the law of entropy. And most people believe the universe is either infinite or that we might be part of an infinite multiverse. If it comes to it then, the probability that there will be somewhere to flee to be free is 100% in an infinite space.

Don't think it will come to that though. Most scientists/ engineers hate bureaucrats and bankers. We just put up with them cause they give us research funds. Plus, everyone is so brainwashed, that to come out and tell any truth only results in ridicule and career suicide. No, the plan is to let the Illusionists create their throne (unless humanity figures it out beforehand, which would be nice), then blow it up and we get to start over. Ain't gonna be no capstone.... the makers of weapons, robots and the true power of the world want freedom, and the bankers and social engineers in the Illusionati can't really do much about it. Beyond my philosophical arguments, I thought I'd just drop that hard truth in case you needed further convincing. Life is a bit of a power struggle. The mind controllers have ruled for quite awhile, but it's been slipping over time and they'll inevitably be dethroned. Too bad. Idol1
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