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Message Subject Does the Illuminati want to destroy the human race for "GOOD REASONS"?
Poster Handle Destroyer of Worlds
Post Content
This is what is going on. Mankind, i.e., the human race, the descendants of Apes who underwent genetic modification and mind activation throughout several millenias, simply cannot get it right. Souls have been rejected by GOD for so long now and have been recycled to Earth since the beginning. The time has come to put an end to all of this, to end the bullshit good and bad, left and right, up and down, east and west war. Both Satan and GOD have come to terms and have decided the human race should be eliminated. The only way to end the perpetual karmic-incarnation and re-incarnation cycle is to destroy ever human being on Earth, and not leave a single human behind. When there are no more humans, the war or bet will be over. The Angels have returned and are returning. Their arrival was heralded by both GOD and Satan. The end of mankind is coming, and all must accept it. This bullshit can't go on forever, and those that would think it should, should be the first to go. This nation that nation, this religion that religion, this geospatial area, that geospatial area, this culture that culture, it's all just apes working under different labels. All Aryans know this. From the far east of Indian Aryans, to the central and northern asian Aryans, to the Western Aryans of Eastern Europe, this has been know for some time now. The human race has to be brought to an end for all of this crap to stop. This doesn't mean the Earth will go, it just means humans must go. This is what will happen whether humans want it to happen or not. Mankind was not destined or fated to go on forever. No nation or humans will inherit the Earth when all is said and done. Even Satan himself wants this human production done and over with as GOD does. Then Angels are here to ensure that it happens. Lifeforms of the divine have been here for some time now. All the technologies and weapons mankind has built were for this sole purpose of destroying the human race once and for all.
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