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Message Subject Letter About the Illuminati, Handwritten by Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny how these known mainstream rappers are talked about because they say some are freemasons and devil worshippers and are in the illuminati

How come they don't talk about horrorcore /acid rap / wicked rappers? they have been around longer than those you mentioned above this thread.. or those videos on youtube about them... and I don't see horrorcore on there...

Something must be up..
 Quoting: FlipTheMyk1984

What are you talking about? How come WHO doesn't talk about the horrorcore underground rappers? Are they signed to major labels? Are they reaching millions of kids on a daily basis? Nope, probably not, therefore they are not relevant in this discussion. Thought that would be obvious, but I guess it had to be explained.
 Quoting: BigBalla

You don't understand do you? Jay-Z, Kanye West, and other rappers are being called freemasons and affliates of the illuminati by the media right? Then prove me where in they're songs they say they are affiliated with the masons or illuminati? do they talk about sacrificing children? eating and killing children? eating dead corpses, shooting your mother and father and assassinating your sister? talk about murder in every song? and worshipping the devil, aleister crowler or the pentagram? mentioning serial killers as they're gods?

And why do most horrorcore rappers who are underground talk about the stuff I mentioned above? Why aren't they talked about if THEY are freemasons or affiliates of the illuminati?????? something is not right... it's like they don't want them to know about horrorcore, but rather the mainstream rappers... which really should be the opposite..
 Quoting: FlipTheMyk1984

They're being called Freemasons by the "media?" Which media are you talking about?

"Prove me where in they are songs..." Wtf... you mean prove me where in THEIR songs? What a dumbass.

I'm not really sure what you were trying to say or ask with all of those jumbled words that came after that... I'm assuming that you're basically asking "Where is the proof?" Well there is a lot of proof.

No one cares about "horrorcore," lol, it's irrelevant. The reason they talk about these issues is most likely because they are NOT involved with it, but instead trying to expose it or at least use it for some entertainment value.
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