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Message Subject Letter About the Illuminati, Handwritten by Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep.
Poster Handle Revolutionary
Post Content
You don't understand do you? Jay-Z, Kanye West, and other rappers are being called freemasons and affliates of the illuminati by the media right? Then prove me where in they're songs they say they are affiliated with the masons or illuminati? do they talk about sacrificing children? eating and killing children? eating dead corpses, shooting your mother and father and assassinating your sister? talk about murder in every song? and worshipping the devil, aleister crowler or the pentagram? mentioning serial killers as they're gods?
 Quoting: FlipTheMyk1984

Check the track "Free Mason" Jay Z, Rick Ross and Kanye, whom are all under Jay Z's label rockafella records, the song is all about ther status, power, controll and wealth.

So do a little reasearch before making yourself look stupid. It mainstream media says nothing about the illumaniti/freemason ties, its people whom know the hidden and at times very openly obvious symobls in video clips and lyrics in songs. All Jay Z's clothing line is full of masonic symbols, Pyramids, the all seeing eye, the comapss and what not. Any fan or person who listens to Hip Hop/Rap/RnB knows he Kanye, Rick Ross and Nas just to name a few is because they are very open about it. As is Nas whom has a couple of film clips featuring freemasons, freemason lodages and freemason symbols everywhere. They been doing it since the mid 90's.

Horrorcore has a huge fan base, Necro for example is hardcore/horrorcore rap and is very NWO, along with The Demigods, Snowgoons, Army of The Pharoes, Ill Bill, La Coka Nostra ect. Step ya game up homie before spitin thyat shit coming out your mouth.
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