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Is Privacy History? Top 5 Ways You Are Being Digitally Monitored and Catalogued Daily

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07/19/2010 06:10 PM
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Is Privacy History? Top 5 Ways You Are Being Digitally Monitored and Catalogued Daily

Title: Is Privacy History? Top 5 Ways You Are Being Digitally Monitored and Catalogued Daily

What if somebody told you that you were being monitored inside and outside your home 24 hours a day? Would you believe them? Most people wouldn't. However reality is often scarier than fiction. Chances are if you're reading this, you likely live in a nation that utilizes the following tracking methodologies that have only one purpose...to digitally record and catalogue your every move.

For the past two decades, there has been a malevolent movement across industrialized nations to track individuals without their knowledge and with a total disregard for privacy.


According to the ACLU's recent report, we are living in a surveillance society where domestic surveillance and erosion of privacy standards are at an all time high.

Here are the top 5 ways you are being digitally monitored and tracked on a daily basis:

1) Computers and Internet -- Internet browsers are recording your every click forming detailed cookies and browsing sessions on your activities. The NSA has been exposed as having cookies on their site that don't expire until 2035. Major search engines know where you surfed last summer, and online purchases are databased, supposedly for advertising and customer service uses. IP addresses are collected and even made public. Controversial websites can be flagged internally by government sites, as well as re-routing all traffic to block sites the government wants to censor. It has now been fully admitted that social networks such as facebook and twitter provide NO privacy to users, while technologies for real-time social network monitoring are already being used. The Cybersecurity Act attempts to legalize the collection and exploitation of your personal information. Apple's iPhone also has browsing data recorded and stored. All of this despite the overwhelming opposition to cybersurveillance by citizens. The fact that laptops -- contributed by taxpayers -- spied on public school children (at home) is outrageous. Years ago Google began officially to use computer "audio fingerprinting" for advertising uses. They have admitted to working with the NSA, the premier surveillance network in the world. Private communications companies already have been exposed routing communications to the NSA. Now, keyword tools -- typed and spoken -- link to the global security matrix.

CONTINUED at link w/ tons of reference sources:
[link to preventdisease.com]