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Message Subject PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check this out


Lease G32306
Form MMS 123A1123S - Electronic Version
Application for Revised Bypass
Area/Block Me 252 Well Name 001 ST 00 BP 01 Well Type Exploration
Application Status Approved Operator 02481 BP Exploration & Production Inc.

04/15/10 - Inadvertently removed the 9-7/8" liner from the well design information. Have
reincorporated it.
04115/10 - Correct casing program. the 9-7/8" & 7" are actually a tapered casing. Please see
corrected well design information.

04114/10 - Revise casing program to include running a 7" production casing.
Revised data includes:
- well bore schematic
03/26/10 - Revise casing program to include running a 9.875" liner.
Revised data includes:
- directional
- well bore schematic
- pore pressure chart
- procedure
01-25-10 -
1) Revise Annular Pressure test from 5000 psi to 3500 psi.
2) Request departure to stump test the 6-5/8" and 5-112" drill pipe but only the 6-5/8" drillpipe
subsea. The only time the 5-1/2" will be run below the stack is as an inner string during the 16"
casing job. Once the 16" string is landed out and cemented, the seal assemble will be set, and the
inner string pulled out of the well bore. During this time the 5-1/2" will be below the stack inside the
01-12-10 - Revision to use the Deepwater Horizon to finish drilling operations (Marianas sent to
shipyard for repairs, no longer under BP contract).
Revised attachments include:
1) Horizon BOP schematic
2) Wellbore schematic with revised RKB
3) Revised Departure List (removed departure for 250.449 (f)
4) Revised Pore Pressure Plot with Horizon RKB
The casing information has been upated to reflect actual setting depths, mudweights, etc.
Attachments referring to the Marianas BOPs and mooring have been removed.

May be they actually did not have time include the deeper liner of 9 " before it blew 5 days later. Also why test for a lower pressure?

[link to energycommerce.house.gov]
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