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Message Subject PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20
Poster Handle TonyTouch
Post Content
I'll ask this one last time, where is the source document for this language, where did this originate from?

OP, where did you get this info (highlighted), as it is not in the document you linked to:

WELL #A (the first well that blew and was abandoned)

Latitude 28/44/17.277 N
Longitude 88/21/57.340 W

On location in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon semi-sub commenced exploration drilling at the Macondo prospect on 03FEB10.

This exploration well had been partially drilled by Transocean in OCT09. The Marianas semi-sub was damaged by hurricane Ida and was removed for repairs in late NOV09.

BP immediately experienced serious problems with its Deepwater Horizon semi-sub operation on 03FEB10. They were unable to seal large cracks at the base of the well for ten days.

BP informed the U.S. Minerals Management Service Dept. of the Interior on 13FEB10 that the cracks were causing uncontrollable bursts of natural gas and they filed a permit to abandon the well immediately.

President Obama was notified of the well blowout on February 13, 2010.

A little touchy there AC or Tony or whoever you really are. you just signed up with glp 6-15 during the oiol crisis. Who do you work for that you are demanding just one last time what op posted and where he got the info from>. if you knew how to read you would see all the other posts here verfying what he wrote from lots of links.Are you a spook? Sure act like it. A paid shill for sure. agent
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044063

Shut up cunt.

Did he write it or did it come from a document?

It's a simple fucking question and he never answered it.

Go read my fucking threads, many of which have been pinned and tell me I'm a fucking shill you fucking cunt.
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