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Message Subject PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Does anyone know which ship has the CANYON XLS-28 ROV? I know it's a Canyon/Helix ship, but I don't know the name of the ship. And does anyone know what the "Joe Griffin" does? I'm tracking it today, but I sure would like to know where it was on 10 July 2010.

The Offshore Service Vessel chosen to deliver the cofferdam was the Motor Vessel (M/V) "Joe Griffin." The M/V Joe Griffin is owned by Edison Chouest Offshore, operating as Galliano Marine, out of Port Fourchon, Louisiana, and is under contract to British Petroleum.

[link to www.oil-electric.com]
 Quoting: FromTheSouth nli 1044071

Thank you!

Now I'm quite curious; I looked up the BP cofferdam, and the one that appears in the MSM is white.
[link to www.fastcompany.com]

I've seen a photo, taken on 10 July 2010, that shows the "Joe Griffin" tethered to the CBC1268 barge, and on the barge is a very tall YELLOW structure, and it's round. Another picture in the group I saw showed the Canyon ROV I mentioned before.

There's no link to the photos. They were taken by a private individual. I'm just trying to figure out WHERE the photos were taken. The person who took them worked on the unknown large ship that was tethered to the barge and thence to the "Joe Griffin." The ship, barge, and the "Joe Griffin" were near a large rig, and the CANYON ROV was on that ship. The entire flotilla was over an oil leak (could be seen in a couple of photos). The person taking the pictures wrote about being at the leak.

I just don't know that those pictures show the same site we've been watching on television, on WEWHOWATCH, etc., and that's why I'm digging.
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