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Message Subject PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20
Poster Handle tweeny
Post Content
OK, after working through the logic on this I think this is what we have to find out.

Clearly the Skandi ROV is sitting at the original Well A site showing us a BOP, etc...

When Well A started having problems in Feb, did they seal it and move to site B, another site undisclosed, or just go a different direction from their current location on a second try? The latter is what BP seems to be claiming, but there seem to be documents that say site A was shut in. We need the coordinates of the burning DWH at the time it blew up. Was it at site A or on top of a second well?

Also, I really wish someone would debunk the video I posted if it was not DWH, because I clearly see two rigs side by side.

If Well A had problems and they closed it, leaving a BOP on it to shut it in, then wouldn't hey have to leave a rig on top of it to control/operate the BOP below in case they needed to? Then if they started a second well nearby, either as a relief well or just a second exploratory one, they would have to use a second rig?

Yes, I agree the pieces aren't together yet, but I have been chasing this on my own for 3 days before I found this site from LATOC. It occurred to me as soon as they claimed the seeps were from 2 other wells nearby and I had been trying so hard to understand Simmons claims, but they didn't quite fit either.

Has anyone seen the Prestige? The magician pulled off the ultimate illusion by
twin brothers living the same life as one man in public for years. Two men, one life. That is what I was thinking.
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