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Message Subject PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20
Poster Handle female.faust
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disagree with last poster --

because of


they were dealing with oil on apr. 3.

also, a cogent explanation of the timeline so far, from [link to wilynetwork.wordpress.com]

<blockquote><green>If you put this all together, this is a scenario that unfolds:

BP submitted a proposal to drill Well A on Feb. 23, 2009 . Well A encountered some sort of formation collapse where the drill pipe and bit became stuck and had to be cut. At this point there is conflicting information. Scenario 1: BP and Transocean drilled well A, had a formation blowout, plugged the formation failure with cement and redrilled the well. They never did drill Well B. Well A has been the only well at that location. This is the location that we see today, after tropical storm Bonnie. Scenario 2: BP abandoned well A due to the underground formation failure and the subsequent jambing of the drill pipe and cutting tip. BP and Transocean commenced drilling well B and this is the well that blewup on April 20 and it is Well B that is the source of the ongoing disaster.What is troubling is that the ROV footage of the wellhead gushing and being cut with first the wire saw and then with the giant shears was clearly the well B location (check the GPS coordinates on Skandi ROV) as the screen shots from the cutting operation show. Well B location has been the one we have been viewing up until storm Bonnie according to GPS coordinates.. As soon as the storm Bonnie passed and the seas subsided the ROVs clearly showed the new Cap on well A (GPS Coordinates for Well A). Some have assumed that BP switched the cap to present a picture of a non leaking well while they continued to struggle with Well B which many think is still out of control. If this is true it would partially explain why hydrogen sulfide levels have spiked since the well was supposedly capped. It might also explain why there are reports of night time spraying of disperant Corexit. Ever since tropical storm Bonnie BP has had their undersea cameras trained on non event scenes. For all we know, they could be struggling with a blowout of Well B, or seafloor leaks and eruptions. Of course, if this is happening we would be the last to know. I think the increased hydrogen sulfide levels are the most troubling indicators of something amiss. Its highly poisonous and FEMA has evacuation plans drawn up if HS levels get out of hand. If the Well is capped, and there are no serious seafloor blowouts or eruptions as BP has led us to believe, then there should be no readings indicating hydrogen sulfide during air quality tests. These videos and links will point you in the direction you need to take to better understand what is going on here. I admit, drawing conclusions from all of this is difficult.

R. Clegg

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