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Message Subject My friend is getting involved in witchcraft and doesnt realize it, how do i stop her?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
She thinks her apartment is haunted and is going to get stuff from her sister (who owns witchcraft books and dabbled in it a few years ago) to "bless" her apartment. Thats a slippery slope, how do i convince her that its only going to make things worse?

Instead of that stuff, tell her to look up the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

It works and it's angelic and uses names of God.

No offense to Witchcraft, some good friends of mine are witch's.

Best Wishes
 Quoting: Frater

Frater do you point the pentagram the other way than it is usually seen? I don't know how else to explan, but with the two legs in the air of the star? I heard that is the positive energy symbol.
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