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Message Subject How It Ends (The Nobody) (The Truth)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there have been many that have fulfilled the Great Work, torn down the veil, removed the mask, in the both the past and present day. Yet, many still tread in the dark. Individual paths are still greatly divergent.

The Individual's will is strong and will seek its own way, so the effect of one person 'removing the mask' may not impact the greater population much at all. Furthermore, if every single person were to simultaneously 'lift the veil', it would likely create a significant impact on the planetary physiological and metaphysical environment, but the measure of its impact on the universe would more than likely be infinitesimal.

Your theories are far too anthropocentric.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044501

Haha no one Has Completed the Great Work

No One Has Lifted the Veil of Maya.

Some Have Claimed to Have Completed the Great Work,

But All They Did was Manage to Get Themselves

Tied up even More in the Illusion, The Veil

Of Maya. Some Have Ascended into Their Own Minds

(Which is an Unimaginbly Small Cage)

Some Have Allowed the Chakras to Trap

Their Holy Ghost in the Corrupt Body

But no one Has Lifted the Veil.

I Can See the Veil of Maya, Can't Lift It

But Thats not my Goal, All I'm doing is Looking

Through the Eyes of another Puppet Designed

To Trick me Into Beleiving in It.

Also, The Veil Of Maya is One of The Things

That Keeps the Choronzom From Us, If It Had

been Lifted, The Universe would Be in Literal

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