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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
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Fluke worms have become common, and are deadly to the host. I know little about them but seem to morph through ingestion of the food chain to only cause issues to the end host. While it was almost not heard of here in USA, it has grown to be more of an issue. Seems to be coming from uncooked shellfish as original host. When the end host accepts the worm in, it morphs and lays eggs in the lungs. It creates holes in the linings, and again deadly if left untreated.

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fluke worms reside in the liver though this is lungworms
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[link to animal.discovery.com]

The Parasite: Paragonimiasis is caused by Paragonimus westermani, or the lung fluke parasite. This parasitic worm is 0.3 to 0.5 inches long and is found in Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines and Indonesia. It has also been reported in parts of Africa and South America. Its life cycle begins when the eggs hatch into larvae and infect water snails. The larvae emerge from the snails and go on to infect freshwater crabs and crayfish.

When humans ingest undercooked crabs or crayfish that are harboring the lung fluke parasite, the worm makes its way to the lungs. There it produces small cysts with fibrous walls. These cysts rupture and the eggs of the worm, which are contained inside, are then coughed up. Some of the eggs are swallowed and then passed in the host's feces, which eventually end up back in the water. At this point, the life cycle starts over.
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