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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
Its in a survival guide to drink 1 teaspoon a day of gas til worm are gone havent gone that route i prb go up in flames thats on web_ the ingrediants in mebendazole has toxic gas products herbs didnt grt rid of &had bad
alergic lung issue you need strong shit these worm are like fin cancer&they multiply fast if we look at what kill parasites &bacteria in water&pools perox /&borox. Is soundin like the answer de dirt too have wasted alot $ time on all this other bs&im lucky i hvnt blown lungs out or dead waitin on these doc drug compny lab bs greedy mfs yea im mad if they treated it in beginning did their job id be healed god will deal with them ive sure learned alot &what a fup world this &they wonder why the world fup greed$ rot of all evil alot has to change esp,med drug lab keepin people sic wastin life time $ horific tale blinders of your brain gone to the one that quoted me . I prb be havin seisures or bad headache if they were in my brain not thou but did lose my smell the emg did xray on lung blood test gave predizone inhaler 2x cost 3000to state but couldnt give me worm med thou predizone causes cancer addisons cushing all kind of shit !!!!! Althou only took predzne for 3days &was get smell back but it disapeared with fup nosr spray i may try again just 3days to ser if smell comes back i felt like shit on it &like i could get diabetes i crave sugar &had alot joint pain so not sure if i want to try
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