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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
De dirt is working god miricle just yellow blobs of disinegrated worm only place i saw alil less damage was in sinus so i rinsed my sinus with
Still havin to use inhaler and antihistimine for die off my lung are sore from everything god i wish i wd if done this beginning i wonder why they dont give this to people in africa with that elephant worm that so horible & sad -i did notice its not reccomended by any site where med cure are if this cure which it seem it will im gonna tell all & go to those fin sites even thes fup doc that didnt do shit chg $ &let me suffer except for inhaler i have to go thru bs to get should be sold like sudafed no theu want to rake you &gov.for lots $ well now i have faith hope i was rrdy to try anything even spoon a day of gas i had had it or just die thats how horible these worm are thank you who keep posting de dirt you saved my life &othets to come i wad.sfaid because i got a sinus infectipn usein de dirt in cats room the wet dry vac blew in face i did shake their beding to & drank rice milk with all these gum additive so not sure one or all caused me to lose smell so that why &i read silica dry powder will destroy lungs so becuz o was workin totaly &post abt.&readin site on i try de dirt what a relief. I can have a life & touch animal again il prb take it forever & help animals too esp feelin how they suffer top
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