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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
Well found out hard way saline enema with chemical&vicks on bottom cause extrme alergy reation makes a exorsisom of these worm runin to lung&sinus maken me choke coughin them out this mornin & last mornin no more bottom stuff &have to be teal careful with tea herb or alergy mef inhalr whatever gets me goin cough for hours last few nites dont. Wna blow my lungs out. So doin liguid ivomec ( ivermetin) 1xaweek castr oil &prune juice maybe ginger garlic see how i do on that lookin into what they give bird & cats for thesr worm one site said praziquantel / lev /chloride. Have to find exact spelin.n lev.alot sites fot human say ivertmectin .2 said o may have to deal with this forever i dont know if thats true mk me very upset dont take predizone if its strongyloid cause larve migration &septic etc well i did gt rid of alot but it never ending even when you think its over was told by clinic with bs neg test there. O they can do ._im gonna go to a hosp ser if thing are any differant i dout it but il still need inhaler whatever i still have to keep # of worm down god what did i fin do to desrve this just stupid cleanin helpin someone & sic dog. Fk!!
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