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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
I did ivomec many times helps get rid of larve but not gone still many worms did mebendazole. Mocidecttin plus. All have been weak bs o i did has cured +two 16 oz bottle of pyrantel _food grade perox has worked best you have to do enema nose &drink all mix with water.i have a scrip for prazi all thou it was in moxplus so it prb wont work ill try anythig almst i thought hard aby teaspoon gas day to chicken id prb explode or get camcer blow out organ al thou. sm of thes med as bad.personally thru my exp older med wete stronger this shit like fin cancer but i think im on rite track esp aftet seein what enema brings out. Omg !
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