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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
Yea i wz hoping to cure thz &nt need inhaler gt tired fte wth ashl at free place &its a pain waitin at hosp all day il hvto do wht i hv too to breath in case. Thr is otc inhaler 50 wth starter a hm nebulizer nvr tried it _ well i ate soup hd lemon pomgrante seed pinapale juice & jst cough mr up from midle bottom ribs thz fuc r hide & u hv to cleanse sinus thr thr too how cd god put thz on earth!!!!! Thx ac plz pass on cuz i hte to see any1 endure this as i hv if i wd hv started this in beginng. Thy b long gone &in case smthg hapn to me u hv to b terminater to handl wht i hv
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