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Message Subject How do you get rif of Lung Worms in Humans?
Poster Handle cz
Post Content
I wasted time $ on dr.med that dnt work not that im a advocate for coke but knw ton pep that &are fine they smoke too &none hv worm that i knw of will hv othr prb dwn line im sure god put everything on earth for reason to be kept the way it is man has destroyed everyrhig for power greed dont belve hype if i listened i wd b dead _they hv been usein on goats.& Man for years &yes it powerful toxic stuf i knw 1st hand med drug are abt. Keepin you sic $ its buss.keeps population down th wdnt hv any chem.hormone garbage gmo processed crap &f up vaccine if they wrte tryin to cure anythg man is mostly evil its sad let yr body b guide i posted this to hlp thru my exp. Thk god for web peps & look to god for all man has even baned b17 apricot seed hetb ma hung to mk $ of thr drugs &kill mame &sicen people when yr in a life or death situ cant breath cough these up for mth u do jst abt evthg i hvnt went teaspoon gas dnt wanna blow up it is In
survial guide if yr at war u gt o else ghat opt. rhey used to use kerosine sugar dust bowl days this worm situ is war milluons againt me im not rdy to die yet up to god anyway. Ive had enuf suverin _grapeseed extract is stronger that e &c hlp with garlic algy bactetia eyc. I use 100oil its cheaper that anthr thg man did remove all seeds frm grapes usein chem. The world is man f up now god made it perft in begining
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