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Message Subject RightHaven the Blog and Forum lawsuit firm and the ties to Obama....SHOCKING!
Poster Handle LouisWinthorpeIII
Post Content
We need to get this thread to #1 on google when you search RightHaven

You guys know what to do ;)

search google for RightHaven and find the GLP thread and click on it to raise the rank..

only click it ONE TIME and stay on the page for awhile and browse the thread..

right now it's on page 4
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

Top of page 3, now and rising....

wow this thread ought to be pinned...

I didn't doubt for a second this guy was just following marching orders.. Wasn't this a big thing at Bilderburg, and even Soros's later speeches that a big awakening of the people world wide to political issues is such a massive problem they are facing??

As usual, they'll use lawyers to shut everything down. Free speech is such a deadly thing to these guys.

Also make sure you have copies of the GLP DB in various places... You don't want to be taken off the 'air' like that blogerty guy...!
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