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Message Subject RightHaven the Blog and Forum lawsuit firm and the ties to Obama....SHOCKING!
Poster Handle ZOSIME
Post Content
Way to connect the history dots SHR. thumbs

This is all a part of the long term Soviet plan to infiltrate and change America from within. Just because the union of Soviet states fell in the 90's doesn't mean the damage hadn't already been done or that the cancer of communist ideology amongst elitists fell with it. This has been a long time coming.

Oh yeah and remember, the former head of the Soviet KGB is prime minister of Russia for life now. Putin is probably laughing his ass off at just how successful they were in completely turning our own notions of free speech and independence against us. We have popularly elected a Marxists President who is actively denying both.

 Quoting: Resister

I've thought this from the start that is what there end game is. Changing from within not just the soviets but also the terrorist the ones against the western
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