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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, my talisman and aura is working, Everyone likes me and does not want to argue or attack or make snide comments or ridicule.

thats a positive afro


that about debunks your whole thread.


why chime in to do so when you will do it yourself?

; )

you hang onto that talisman... it's prolly the only connection to true power that you will ever have.

such as it is.

part of me wishes to snatch you from your delerium...

while the other part is getting a kick out of watching you struggle to teach while you are so clearly in the neophyte stages of becoming that which you are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1051249

Oh Great Master ! Enter this Neophyte Probate into the Halls of Wisdom !

lol.. I was only having fun, Trust me, I dont cling to a talisman like its going to save me, It takes MUCH , MUCH more than that.

Consummatum Established.

In Kirchers OEdipus Egyptiacus. on the papyrus is a Egg floating above the Mummy. Its the second birth. The Devachan, the emergence of Bliss. to be reborn....

Trust me, Im hatching out of my mundane egg. Im cracking the shell as we speak. Where is the Ammon, or Hidden?

Where is Horus Apollo? ... Im just a little germ trying to hatch.

Im not even to Zero Hero Fool yet. Little me, Not even to Zero point. I havent even yet begun.
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