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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After reading about MK Ultra for the upteenth time and Movie stars as programmed borg sex slave agents, and how a bunch of salivating people sat down one boring day and created all the worlds religions as a means of control. I had to respond !

Here is a excerpt from the post:

(PS, if you are IN THE KNOW. being called a FOOL. can be a compliment, lol..)

From the post:

Goodness, there is so much ignorance in this post. ALL RELIGIONS contain some element of truth and DUH, science is very important, I didnt say Scientology. The Illuminati are more a core religion that date back to source.

You have to have respect for everyone and see the purpose and plan of each.

There is a hyper intelligence existing on earth cause WE were created by a higher lifeform and we were created in their image.

the Bible is not written by THE ALL that is in EVERYTHING cause it was written by the creator Gods Elohim who "came down" to earth. They are still our Creators and can be called "God" Therefore, yes, I consider Yahweh as my God.

There are also ETs. or Greys, They were called "Ant People" by the ancients and they are a source of Hyper technical intelligence thru which we derive much of their technology, Sorry there is a a species smarter than us..

There is a interconnectedness to in all things, Think you just CHOSE this particular house to live in at a particular location? No , not really, the House was already predestined for you in a science thats not understood yet. Its location and numerology and all and everything in the scheme of things fit together like a pattern . All of life vibrates together in purpose and plan and sacred geometry.

I have no answers yet to why some people suffer or get hurt. It seems like the last answer to which we all await. But for many we can be assured of a underlying current which unites everything in all dimensions and can be manipulated, The illuminati are probaly more aware of this than most of us. and eventually it will be all understood as science, that is why they are trying to get us out of the dark ages.. cause we are simply still in the dark on the meaning of life and why we are here.

let me add this, in that event...

even the Illuminati seem to have alot yet to learn.

; )

whereas the first god to arrive here offering up ultimate knowledge of the universes... and the lines of power thereto, offered this info for a price...

this tree of the knowledge of good and evil was merely selling that which did not belong to him in the first place all the while trying to assume the position of Source.

this usurper appeared to the otherwise ignorant masses as a god, or as god, but was/is merely a common criminal, in truth.

power is power such as it be...

and can be used to impress and control.

but Source is Source.

which came first I wonder...?

can you have power without it's Source?

nope, so this tin god will fall and when he does he intends to drag as many of Sources soul creations with him as he possibly can.

and he's doing a bang up job so far and it's not even press time.

try not to make it so easy for him will ya? If he WAS Source he wouldn't need your help in the first place mind you, and would be omnipotent enough to allow you choice.

this usurper who attempts to stand between you and your inheritance... Source.

you see you have already been promised Source itself as your reward for your efforts thusly...

why in hell would anything less be acceptable to you now?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1051249

Your point begs us to ask. IS GOD IMPERFECT? When I first considered this possibly, it was as if a huge weight and depression was lifted off my shoulders, I mean what if he is learning alongside us?

what if we are embarking on the Ship together in the sea of the Milky Way?

This would involve lots of forgiveness and working together if we admit that not even God is perfect,

Maybe its all a test and there is more in the Divine and Perfect Plan than we admit,

I know the End result is worth struggling for though, I wont give up.

In the Hindu Katakopanishad. Purusha the Divine Spirit, Stands before the Original matter. And we are all a part of that.
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