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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Interesting viewpoint, OP.

Personally, I am not convinced.
The user interface of Big Everything does not work that way.
You talk about "creation" as if it's a static thing, but it is ever ongoing.
The evolution of galactic/universal consciousness is uniform.
I am not sure I buy the "more intelligent ET species"-stuff.

If you see no evil, you must also forget true love.
Duality is existence.
If no 1, then no 0.
If everything is same, then there is no other than.
That means the end of information.

I think that - with all respect - what you may have discovered is a
crossroads of sorts, that every searcher of understanding reaches, sooner
or later. To live the warrior way, feeling no way, or to cave in to the
Path of Love :)
Which, in turn, always means having to deal with goodbye...

It does not take a rocket scientist, to understand - to use your own
examples - the "Illuminati" (oligarchical) origins of both Chairman Mao's
actions as well as of the results of modern European colonialism in Ruanda.
If you ask me.

But hey, what do I know?
I am but an uneducated member of the underclass.
Just how it all looks to me.
I feel the centre of the Universe is with every being.
The idea of "illuminated" ones seems to serve no other purpose than
blocking people from the light.
Which, in turn, seems to be congruent with what is actually happening
in the commonly sanctioned reality.

However, like I said, I know nothing about the so called truth,
except that it will only be heard whence nothing is expected in return,
and that it is forever subversive in itself.

Peace to you and yours, interesting thread.

 Quoting: Accidental Stoner 767025

Yes, youre right, thats what drives me, I WANT this crossroads, I want this experience, and maybe the great powers on earth was granted this, I mean, I dont think one is fully developed until they have the whole world in their hands literally, Then at the end of time we would have realized we are all the same?

I might make the same bad choices, or I might make correct ones. I could block people from the light or I could show them,

I already do lots of blocking here, I dont say everything and anything I could on this public forum, cause Im taught not to and ethically, It is said, "some things people have to discover on their own"

Nothing tastes as good as a homegrown tomato. eh?

I think we do have forever to figure it all out, its not like we are running out of time.

I am leaning towards thinking time hasnt even begun yet..

We are all sheltered from what is out there in the vast universe

Earth might be quarantined you know? And for good reason..


Fine line between love and hate, If ones dont get the love they crave, they would often resort to hate.. We all need love. Everyone of us. Lack of love creates problems..
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