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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op your mystic practices have originated from occultic practices of the Chaldean Magi. thus your doctrines are distorted

My Dctrine will be purified, My Sources is Judaic, Chaldean, Babylon, Sumerian, Egyptian, Celtic, Roman and Christian, We are all United, and just need to realize our connections.

you are tryin to connect LINES of power again.

which are beneath and living off Source.

you do not need these lines to experience and hook up with Source.

the usurper doesn't wish you to know this, however.

if the true power didn't come from the parishoners/followers/believers of these multidinous religious structures...

that being we the people as individual souls...

then they wouldn't be trying so desperately hard to unite them into ONE.

One is much easier to control than the many.

Now if they truly did have a monopoly on Source they sure as hell wouldn't need to gather these many reins/reigns together into one strand, one branch.

It isn't rocket science but merely common sense which needs prevail.

"I woke up this morning on the outside... lookin in"

This is very well spoken, And very deep. Well honest, Im not sure if Im ready to unplug my umbilical cause we do all know my mundane physical needs are being met by them as well. lol. In a most kind way I do appreciate.

as to plugging into source. There is only a thing in my way and thats the fear of raw human nature, Take the Native American Indians for example. Many people think that taking America from them and placing them in reservations was unfair. But what wasnt told was the many cruel ways they fought and inflicted pain upon rival tribes

Civilization and religion has brought us many comforts and technology with which their symbols of origin are unmistakeable.

I am always aware of a source that is pure and how we are all connected without any allegiance to anything.

Its power I want, first for myself and to help change the lives of people. Where does one get that power?

Media, politics and money is the only way sofar...

not even close.

look within.

there are external semblances of "power" and they must constantly struggle to maintain their connection which was brought about thru the manipulation of the many.

and then there is true, omnipotent power which requires no LINES to move along and hence cannot be derailed, hindered.
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