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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why is it that the illuminati should be treated any different than any other creation of men?

Are you trying to convince us that unlike everything that has ever existed on the planet throughout history...the illuminati are above reproach?

If such a group that was beyond reproach and I was supremely evil...it is with that group that I would seek to hide out.

That's why the illuminati gets bashed...shiny things don't impress me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1050501

They are challenging us to open up our true Enlightened and Alchemical power.

We have much more power than we realize, yes, But at the same time the biggest problem is ignorance, non reasoning and the fact that most people dont care, Life is just a supply and demand, Its a mirrored reflection of ourselves.

If there were a 6 billion of me, There will be no police force. and no fat cat Hollywood stars cause I dont buy into their worship and razzle dazzle. I dont go out to movies.

As to Rich bankers, I would make a low interest of just a few percent if it were "me". But not everyone is me and thats the problem.


Being slightly funny here, but honest.
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