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Message Subject You Ignorant Fools !!. QUIT BASHING THE ILLUMINATI and Open Your Eyes !!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op your mystic practices have originated from occultic practices of the Chaldean Magi. thus your doctrines are distorted

My Dctrine will be purified, My Sources is Judaic, Chaldean, Babylon, Sumerian, Egyptian, Celtic, Roman and Christian, We are all United, and just need to realize our connections.

Come on. Give up that little secret about the origin of all these silly cults from Atlantis.

And I know you are trying hard to get the jebus people on your side. If you think people will just follow you without asking questions about the false messiah, you're misguided and deluded.

All the wars and manufactured famine will not get you there. You can smell the sweet success of world domination yet it's not going to happen.
 Quoting: necromanser

Atlantis is under the Sea now, isnt it? the Veil in the sky broke and the whole earth was baptized in water. And it was Father Elohim YHVH that confessed of ending that world. They had flying ships and technology back then, and levitational tools to build with .

All of life is a cycle. We are the third or fourth set of humanity already. We fell into the lust and materialism age which is fueled by your own desires, and the law of supply and demand.

This age is cycled to end soon and a spiritual age will commence once more. Then when we are advanced enough we will head to the stars to create another God over another planet, The cycle continues....
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