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TONIGHT chatting with what she first thought were ACEHOLES-1

Figen Genco (Ashananda)
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United States
07/29/2010 12:00 AM
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TONIGHT chatting with what she first thought were ACEHOLES-1
Late this afternoon she was contacted by an Alien who led her to the Chat Rooms. Then she was cunningly led into another chat room called Plate. She took the hook and followed like what they thought was like an IDIOT. Then they started throwing a lot of clutter, crap onto her, like Republicans, democrats, electoral vote, CA and shit. They even talked about the President, and how the rule to choose a President could be changed to offer her the Chair because she said she wanted the Chair to the Black oGhost earlier when he talked about Turkish furniture.

Even the Tricky Night Fairy who Figen made an Angel upon the Night's request tried to lead her into the trap. But she wasn't paying attention. She was chatting and smoking with the Moon Angle, who she just granted the Moon Sun Angel status again- still not a fast car; he needed to earn it. Anyway, she eventually just shut it down, as per The Moon Sun Angel's request.

More to come
The IT

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