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Message Subject In an awkward mood right now
Poster Handle guy369
Post Content
No worries guy369, it is just your Creator coming home.

It will be over with shortly.


Do you have a time-frame?

Why do I feel like this today?

And, why is my Creator coming home?

I can reach out and touch him any time I want.

I would think an anti-christ would come first....

There are many "anti-christs" right now.

A lot of people feel the way you do now.

creator is coming home because we are supposed to live together in peace with our Creator.

We just could not be raised alongside our Creator for many reasons.

Yes, you can reach out and touch our Creator anytime, but things will be much different when our Creator is visible to all, and in control of the system.

 Quoting: +Jason+ 401530

Thanks mate.

I will try to calm down and dig deep for love, but today feels very off.

Any way I can help this?

I shall put myself in a quiet room when I get home and think about love
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