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Message Subject In an awkward mood right now
Poster Handle guy369
Post Content
I'm feeling it too guy. Something big is definitely on the horizon.

I'm glad I'm not the only one - how long have you felt this way?

Was it a kick? or a slow onset?

sounds more like anxiety...lay down and close your eyes..if at work go to restroom and shut your eyes..refocus..is your heart racing any? Wish I could e-mail you a lorazapam..calm ya down in 10 minutes..

If I know you I would say you would rather ride it out without any meds..lol...I know ya dig experiences like this good or bad...before storms roll in I always get the feeling your describing. I`m very sensitive to pressure changes
 Quoting: <<LOOK`n thru YOU>>

Thanks, I'm at work - I will take a break in 10min.

...Thanks for the drug offer, but I refuse to take pills. hf
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