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US empire is crumbling: The President Barack Obama was not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding!!!

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07/29/2010 09:22 PM
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US empire is crumbling: The President Barack Obama was not invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding!!!
Obama says he was not invited to wedding of Chelsea Clinton

President says his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has "every reason" to want to party just for her daughter

iG São Paulo | 29/07/2010 16:04

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, said on Thursday that was not invited to the wedding of Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.
"I was not invited because I think Hillary and Bill want, rightly, that the party is for Chelsea and her future husband," Obama said in interview on "The View", ABC. "If it will be hard enough to have a president in the event, imagine two," he joked.

Obama on "The View"

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Chelsea Clinton

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Chelsea Clinton, 30, will marry on Saturday with the banker Marc Mezvinsky, 32, a small town of Rhinebeck, in upstate New York. The most important political wedding of the year drew attention to the restricted guest list: 400 people with direct connection to the bride or groom.
While most friends and acquaintances of former president and the secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton say to understand that marriage is a private matter, some politicians complained about the court. And the case has left many donors, supporters, advisers, and even friends of the VIP list questioning whether they even part of the closed circle of the family.
"Do people who claimed to have proximity to the Clinton family and were not invited will feel bad? Sure," said Hank Hank Sheinkopf, a political consultant who worked in Clinton's reelection campaign in 1996 (and was not invited). But with the experience of those who lived 30 years in politics, he added: "It is dangerous to assume proximity to people who are in power and is very rare that a real friendship and unbreakable."
Sheinkopf noted that the Clinton family has always done a good job in protecting the privacy of her daughter. 'This is no longer a meeting of power for those who want to approach the ex-president to find out what you can achieve with it, or with the secretary of state, "he said.
"You are either a friend or you're not, and friends are defined at different levels," he added. "Who knows the Clintons knows that lobbying does not mean anything to them."

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 Quoting: Last Second

I wonder if John McCain was invited after has said in the face of Bill Clinton, how ugly Chelsea is...

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