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Message Subject No More Anchore Babies? Finally 14th Amendment Ratified in 1868 giving Constitutional Rights to Former Slaves Challenged !!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We shall see, eh?

Graham isn't one of the "good guys." He helped get us into Iraq, and we can see how well THAT has gone for us. He's willing to go after Iran, which means more stresses on our troops. Graham has problems with the right of habeas corpus, and would deny it to those deemed "enemy combatants." That might seem all fluffy and good until Joe Schmoe protests a war, is arrested, and deemed an "enemy combatant."

My point is that Graham is not one of the 'good guys.' It's an election year, and he's hoping to gain some points. I'd be more impressed if the man hadn't announced that he was 'considering' introducing a constitutional amendment but went ahead and did the deed right out of the gate.
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