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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You are already calling this BS,even if you haven't read the website I presented.
If you would actually read it,you would find out that it's far from BS.
In fact,after reading it all other "conspiracy websites" will most likely be BS in your eyes.

I did. Honestly it's nothing new. It's heavily influenced by gnosticism but so far (I promise I'll read deeper) nothing really groundbreaking.

The biggest BS flag for me was the fact that they mention 2012.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1051099

If mentioning 2012 raises the BS flag,then that would mean that nearly all conspiracy sites on web are BS.
And truly they are.

Just think about it:
The popular "anti-NWO" websites give you "your daily update" on "what is really going on"...
Then people read what they say and after that they go to the conspiracy forums like this one to tell everyone "the illuminatis latest NWO plans"
It's a circus which achieves nothing.

Only active resistance can destroy the elites system.
Fearing the "NWO" or microchips won't change a thing.

Here is an another quote from the AC-site:
"The OWO have no plans to build concentration camps, or slave encampments or anything else. Such measures would consume vast resources, create unnecessary trouble and serve no useful function. The OWO can sedate the people by use of TV, Hollywood, computer games, porn, music, alcohol, recreational drugs, sport etc. All of these diversions ensure that the people will never rise up. While mindless mass entertainment exists, the OWO need no concentration camps to control the people."

Only activism can save you.
People must reject the system entirely.

The OWO controls us via the economical system,which is a giant pyramid scheme,desinged to keep us debt slaves.
We must boycott it.
Stop participating in the economy.
Do not buy useless junk.
Only buy what you really need,leave the rest to the supermarkets.

And do not take any loans.
The banks are trying to sell us loans,because through debt new money is created to the system.
And when you buy things,that money eventually goes to the pockets of the elite.
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