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SO you are telling me that Ted Kaczynski bombed the wrong people? He targeted Technocrates who spout the mantra of be your own god.

I haven't told you that.

Being your own god can mean many things depending on what kind of a person you are.
An nasty person would be a nasty god and nice person would a nice god.
Only when someone has the power of god,only then you really find out what you are.

Spouting the mantra of being your own god doesn't make anyone good or evil.
What defines those things is how you act as a god.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1055520

Ted Kaczynksi targeted Technocrats (these people have no banking connections or royal connections). Technocrats believe in a world without God where man is its own god. Our knowledge will create a perfect society through the use of our technology.
Ted was one of these people for a period of time, but came to realize the dangers of what these technocrats were proposing. Not a free people where education is highly regarded, but a society like that of 'A Brave New World'. Where the average citizen is a slave, designed for a specific duty controlled by the Alpha classes. I have to wonder if there are free thinking individuals above even the Alpha classes, or is everyone just programmed.

Sorry but I am with Ted on not supporting a world like this. I like individuality and creativity. I like to choose some things at least. I want the chance to learn and grow and not have false knowledge shoved down my throat. I want to work a job i choose not a job I was designed for. Sorry, a one world system isn't for me, especially as a small governing body can not be trusted. Hell look at how many governing bodies we have now and how easily money has corrupted them.
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