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This site is promoting a NWO that is not peaceful, it is a plan for more control over the human race under the "liberal" agenda or New Ageism that is only another disguise. They are taking down OWO to bring a new era of "false peace". This new era will begin with the proclamation that Lucifer is god. No i am not a Christard.

Plus Mike Hockney is no way affiliated with the Illuminati he is just selling books. He is as crazy as bill deagle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1064101

Once again someone is making quick conclusions without reading the website at all.

As you can see in this thread many people here on GLP have already found the AC-site quite intresting.
I am advertising it around the net because of those people.
Those that are capable of critical thinking are worthy of intelligent material.

But all those who are content with the current system shouldn't read the AC-site.
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