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Some years ago I too believed that the Illuminati was the evil behind it all.
But after discovering the Armageddon Conspiracy website and after reading through the articles there,I changed my mind about them.

There is an evil force behind the scenes,but the Illuminati are not the "ultimate puppetmasters".
That evil force is the OWO:The bankers,freemasons,zionists,the vatican,Rothschilds,Rockefellers etc.
The people already know who the bad guys are.
But then they are falsely putting all evil under the label "Illuminati".

I encourage you all to read all information presented on that website,and to make your own conclusions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1055520

I have had the same questions in my mind, even discussed them with my girl friend. When you "Know" and are "Awake" you cannot help , but to adopt the same attitudes as the global elite. You start the see the dumb public for the plague that they actually are. All the waste... for what. I know its a horrible attitude to take on, but you really can't help it.
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