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About the antichrist,here is an intresting quote from an article called "Satan Plan" from the AC-site:

...Imagine a Sarah Palin Presidential victory in November 2012. All of the worldwide hope that greeted Obama's historic 2008 triumph will have vanished forever, replaced by crushing disappointment and a deadening realisation of the grim truth. Despair and fear will grip the world. Palin, a particularly ill-educated individual, will turn for advice and guidance to a cabal of Bible thumping Evangelical Christians, Zionists, Freemasons and every crazed right wing pressure group. The world will stand on the brink. All it will take is one spark to light the powder keg. In December 2012, the Antichrist will step forward into this feverish atmosphere...

But according to them,this antichrist will be the same as the original christ.
In other words Jesus himself is also the antichrist.
And all who follow him are doomed.
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