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Check this page out about family, Republicans, etc.

This sounds like a Democrat wrote it.

[link to www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk]

Our familys should not carry the weight it does it says, as if our family is important we will steal, kill or whatever to care for them. How many of us do that? We may feel we will but in reality how many do? Since we feel this way we need to do without as we need to provide everyone the same life so that only the best individuals will stick out and be seen in the end, be awarded....I say this, plenty of money has been given to plenty of countrys, on top of taxes paid, etc. TPTB had every chance to make sure it went as such, time, income all of it but that did not happen, they are living the high life and this is where this site is bunk, they are living the lifestyle and we must give up all.

Sounds like Obama wrote this to be honest. They state they only plan they had for us is to teach us illumination for the better of Man kind, well? If that is so then why hasnt it been taught? They can state all they want here but it is too wishy washy for some and not others, no fairness as to the past efforts, nothing. It is like lets start over now, sorry about the last bi zillion years for deceptions..

Think it is an Illuminati attempt to promote Obama and to get away with murders and crimes. It even states we love the mafia?? Messed up.
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