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Poster Handle The Reggae guy
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Bullshit your just a pathetic low life scum that promotes the new world order fuck the nwo global fascism is evil period.

So you think the illuminati are not in the occult they are pure evil worshippers just like the dynasties of the old world order.

It's just a new bunch of dynasties with new ideas of how to screw humanity even more....

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 930337

+1 Idol1

"IT SAYS: "THIS NEW ORDER THAT BEGAN 1776"--THAT MEANS NOT THE 4th OF JULY, BUT MAY 1st, 1776, THE CREATION DAY OF THE ILLUMINATI. It consists of three pyramids in a sphinx, which I'll go through very quickly. We've put a few blocks up here, but there are hundreds of blocks in each pyramid. This is the political organisation. This is the middle pyramid. This is some of the political and police organisations that they use, and we've put up ones that mainly concern the United States."

[link to www.kt70.com]
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